Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall and Baby names are in the air....

Well Hello,

Everyone welcome to "The Bees... Nest." This is Brady & Beth Willardson's new family blog. We are very excited. Well let us tell you what is happing currently in our lives. We are expecting a little girl on January 4th 2009. People ask us if we have a name and as of now we do. Beth is very set on Brynley Ann Willardson. I like the name so that works. She will go by Bryn, and also her nickname, yes she already has a nickname which is Brinner. We had a very interesting experience a few weeks ago about her middle name. I came home and told Beth that I kind of liked the name Shea for a middle name. Beth decided that she too like Shea as a middle name. The dilema is that we had been in agreeance for some time that her middle name would be Anne since both of our sisters have Anne as their middle name. Jokingly Beth said that we should let Brynley decide since in fact it is the name she will carry for the rest of her life. I then said, "Ok we shall let her decide." Just an "EFY", Now about this time I had only felt Brynley kick one or two times and so it was a privledge to feel her kick. I placed my hand on Beth's tummy and asked the question, "Brynley kick for Anne." BOOOOM!!! Immediately She kicked my hand. I kind of jumped back from surprise. We laughed and then I asked another question and said, "Brynley kick for Shea." Nothing happened so I again asked the first question, "Brynley kick for Anne." BAMMM!!! Without fail she kicked so hard that I decided I was done playing games with her. Beth and I joked about what had just happened for about 15 minutes and then again out of curiousity I said hey let me try it one more time. Now Brynley had stopped kicking for atleast 10 minutes and I were sure she wouldn't kick on command. But my curiosity got the best of me. I again placed my hand calmly on Beth's stomach and asked, "Brynley kick for Anne." WHACK!!! She kicked my hand one last time and I pulled away looking at Beth and said, "that is it I'm done."